Stamp-a-faire 2014

Meet and Greet

This looks like it will be such a fun day!
It's a birthday at our house so need to make cupcakes, ice cream, and wrap a few gift. But I can watch videos (and looks like listen to music!) while stirring and wrapping!  I hope can sneak into a challenge!! (although my husband just called and needs help on the farm this afternoon too! oh poo =) This is my first time seeing a Stamp-a-faire and I may have to just soak most of it in this year.

I enjoyed watching the meet and greet video last night and had to laugh:

yup, there's my paper crimper too! Hahaha - although check out this old PTI post I just saw last night where Nichole used hers!

In 1995 my mom went to a stamp party and I was introduced to the stamp world! I think she got 4 stamps and one embossing powder. I wanted to be are part of it sooo bad...but at 12 you don't have a lot of money to spend on stamps. I did buy a few things with my own money. One of those was a stamp catalog. Dad had also just boughten our first scanner. So most of my cards were made by scanning the image (like the whale below) printing and coloring it! I know...naughty! 

My favorite tool was an old toothbrush and as these two OLD cards show, I used it a lot with paint to splatter backgrounds. I remember my dad gave me an x-acto knife too! I was so conservative with my supplies that when I matted something I would use my x-acto knife to cut out the middle piece of the matt out to be used elsewhere. I also collect wrapping paper, candy wrappers, confetti, and cute napkins to be used on cards.

Now that I found Papertrey Ink I might become a real stamper =) I love how all their products are so versatile! I still fight the conservative part of me and love that you can use and do many things with their sets and I LOVE all the inspiration the give you too! I'm getting better at sharing supplies too with my little creative buddies.

Have a great day everyone! Hope to sneak in every now and then and see all the fun!

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