Back to School Challenge

I watched a fun video and got a blast from the past on how to fold these fun little notes. We used to fold these at school and I thought they would make a fun Back to School card!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1980's

I thought this challenge would be my second favorite. But after playing along it was my favorite!! It was so fun to fold these cute little notes:

This was my 80's version, but I also made a school version:

Thank you Lexi for this Totally Rad challenge! I had a blast!

SAF 2014 Farewell


Well I managed to sneak in one of the 80s challenges!! It was so fun! This is my space after just one challenge:

I don't know how you ladies made it through all the challenges! Even if I find the time to try another challenge I'm going to have to clean my space up first =)

Thank you so much Papertrey Ink for introducing me to my first Samp-a-faire. I'm already looking forward to next year!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1980's

The 1980's

Well it is Monday and I'm very thankful that Papertrey Ink allows us to play with the challenges till tomorrow. My goal was to do three challenges today...but it's already 3:30 =( At least I got one in!

I wouldn't say I'm Totally in love with everything 80's but see things from your childhood is so fun!! So I had to make two Trapper Keeper cards!

I used 'Happy Birthday' from PTI 'Desktop Design embossed in white. I didn't have a white pen so I also embossed the line in white. From my stash I used rainbow paper, a rainbow sticker, a heart punch, and velcro- what a fun final touch!

Hopefully this one isn't considered cheating =) But my school supplies in the 80's were all Lisa Frank! Should a 31 year old still have a stash of Lisa Frank supplies? hahha. Well I do still have a few stickers and a stationary set! So I could't help but make a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper - google it - they really made them!

Again I used 'Happy Birthday' from PTI 'Desktop Design embossed in white. And I guess my other supplies would be a vintage dolphin Lisa Frank Stationary Set =) The dolphins were my favorite!

Maybe I'll be back later with another challenge!

Papertrey August Blog Hop Challenge

What cute girly inspiration for this month!

I was thinking about this challenge while at the same time going through some old Papertrey Ink blog posts.  'Clear' cards were introduced to me and I wanted to try one! So my brain finally clicked and said 'make a clear card for the Blog Hop!' So here they are:

So thankful I decided to buy the Polka Dot Basics II stamps last month! I embossed the polka dots in gold on the clear the clear plastic (I will not be doing this too often! But I wanted to try. It takes a little more work because the embossing powder wants to stick to ALL the plastic and you have to heat carefully because the plastic will warp. Won't know till you try though!) For the inside panel I mask off the edges and inked them pink and gold embossed 'hello.'

This one I cut slits in the plastic and added a black ribbon and bow.

I did two more quick cards realizing the 'Simply Frame' set also had polka dots!

I used the 'Simply Frame' set, gold and hot pink embossing power, a 'hello' stamp and a gold sticker from my stash.

I'm not a big gold and pink color fan by themselves but for some reason putting the two together makes them irresistibly cute! =) Can't wait to go see all the other cards in the hop! Have a great Monday!


Make It Monday #177

Using  Cover Plate Negatives

Make it Monday had a great tip this week! It showed us a neat way to transfer small cut pieces! So here's all those little triangles. A few removed to make room for the sentiment and a few embossed for a modern color pop!

ugg late night pictures are not the best. I need tips on taking better pictures next =) I should do a reshoot in natural light, but I'll post now just incase I can't find the time!
Thanks for the neat tip Laurie!

SAF 2014: Morning Timer Challenge

Happy mid morning from Idaho!

I got the gifts wrapped (birthday preparations to do today) so I allowed my self to make a card
I wish I would have started at 5 am! But after an hour of 'labor' pains last night (thankfully they quit) - I slept in =) I'm sure my hubby wouldn't have enjoyed my 'jiggy' music at 5 am either. And boy did I need that music to pump me up.

Wow some of you ladies can do amazing things in 20 minuets!!! I am a S..L..O..W crafter. This was a challenge, but so fun!

I had 3 of the 5 colors in the first color scheme so went with them and grabbed my stripes from 'Simply Framed' and 'thank you' from 'Desktop Design' !

This was really my second card in the 20 minuets...in the first one the stripes ended up too close to the bottom so I started over and managed to finish with one minuet to spare! Phew!!

Ok off to stir homemade ice cream custard and watch the Rome videos!

Stamp-a-faire 2014

Meet and Greet

This looks like it will be such a fun day!
It's a birthday at our house so need to make cupcakes, ice cream, and wrap a few gift. But I can watch videos (and looks like listen to music!) while stirring and wrapping!  I hope can sneak into a challenge!! (although my husband just called and needs help on the farm this afternoon too! oh poo =) This is my first time seeing a Stamp-a-faire and I may have to just soak most of it in this year.

I enjoyed watching the meet and greet video last night and had to laugh:

yup, there's my paper crimper too! Hahaha - although check out this old PTI post I just saw last night where Nichole used hers!

In 1995 my mom went to a stamp party and I was introduced to the stamp world! I think she got 4 stamps and one embossing powder. I wanted to be are part of it sooo bad...but at 12 you don't have a lot of money to spend on stamps. I did buy a few things with my own money. One of those was a stamp catalog. Dad had also just boughten our first scanner. So most of my cards were made by scanning the image (like the whale below) printing and coloring it! I know...naughty! 

My favorite tool was an old toothbrush and as these two OLD cards show, I used it a lot with paint to splatter backgrounds. I remember my dad gave me an x-acto knife too! I was so conservative with my supplies that when I matted something I would use my x-acto knife to cut out the middle piece of the matt out to be used elsewhere. I also collect wrapping paper, candy wrappers, confetti, and cute napkins to be used on cards.

Now that I found Papertrey Ink I might become a real stamper =) I love how all their products are so versatile! I still fight the conservative part of me and love that you can use and do many things with their sets and I LOVE all the inspiration the give you too! I'm getting better at sharing supplies too with my little creative buddies.

Have a great day everyone! Hope to sneak in every now and then and see all the fun!


Monday Challenge

My first order from Simon Says Stamp came! What a good time to play in my first Monday Challenge, and good thing 'anything goes' because I wanted to play with my new embossing paste and sequins!

The stripes are embossing paste with a black glitter. There is a very fine clear thread looping under the heart and new cute clear & shiny sequins to finish off this thank you card.
What fun! Now should I go make more or nap? I know what I want to do and it's not nap =)

Kids Challenge #3

I saved my favorite for last. Look at that water color technique!! So fun and colorful.
Plus 'Artisy' did a good job stamping 3 stamps to make the popsicle:

I look forward to many more creative times together 'Squeaky' and 'Artisy'
Love Mommy

Kids Challenge #2

I had a whole stack of cards to choose from and here's #2 for the Kids Challenge:

'Artisy' had to work hard! This card has 9 stamps on it!

Simon Says: Kids Challenge

How fun a challenge for kids! This is perfect since I usually have two buddies at my desk creating with me. 'Squeaky' usually colors while 'Artisy' manages to make 4-6 cards in one sitting! While Mommy got maybe 1 card done in that time =)

One in a CAS style.


Simon Says Summer

Through other boggling ladies I've recently discovered Simon Says Stamp. I have an order coming hopefully soon too =) I thought I would join in my first challenge with them:

"...anything that makes YOU think of summer" they said!
So how about some bright colors!

Too bad we are getting closer to saying 'goodbye summer' =(
Have a great day!


MIM #176 - 4

Last one to show I did try some colored paste =)

The gradient (white-drk pink) could use some practice.
Such embossing paste fun and my store bought stuff is still coming! =)
Have a great day!

Make It Monday #176 and Festive Friday

 Another card using one of my embossing paste experiments. I put black embossing powder on when the paste was wet and heated it the next day. At first it bubble up, but then the black smoothed out and covered so nicely! The snowflakes are also paste with sparkly embossing powder.

I was playing with adding a little black typewriter to this card too when I checked out the Festive Friday Blog. My black stripes and snowflake experiments went great with their challenge! So I'm linking up there too for the first time =)

Festive Friday


Make it Monday #176 - take two

I should be mowing the lawn about now...but I wanted to put together another card using one of my embossing paste experiments =)

Have a great Saturday!


Make it Monday #179 and more 'craft' money

Backgrounds with Embossing Paste

This MIM challenge looked so fun!! And Laura's card was amazing! But I had to order embossing paste... 

P.S. So my 'craft' budget was a little low for this month already, how was I going to order my much 'needed' embossing paste? Ebates! Have you tried it? When you order things online (from Amazon, Target, Michaels, half.com, ebay and many more) you get a % of the money back. I got my money back just in time to order embossing paste and sequins =) haha. If you need a little extra craft money go try Ebates!

But sadly it is not coming fast enough!! Then I read you can make your own embossing paste! I watched a few videos then mixed baby powder, paint, and elmers glue. The texture seems a little more smooth, but it worked! and I tried lots of experiments:

Plain white, mixed with All Spice, colored with food coloring gel, glitter on wet, and embossing powder on wet!
The only bummer was my paper did warp...I must have made it too wet. Does the store bought kind warp your paper?

I've only had time to make one card from my experiments so far: 

It was messy! But I the texture is so fun! I'm excited to see how the embossing paste I ordered works and to make a few more cards with this technique =)

Have a great day!


Make it Monday #175 Take Two

I thought I'd try one more border with the popsicle die:

It was a fun way to use some of the HOT pink embossing powder my aunt gave me =)

P.S. Today I also made an envelope template if you are interested in trying out the money envelope system. Check out my Money Envelope post.

Money Envelope Printable

Money Envelopes

Here is Dave Ramsey's explanation of the system:

We are trying the envelopes for a few of our budget categories. Eeeks I'm going to have to re-learn how to count cash under pressure =) If I was going to do this - Hubby's suggestion - then by golly I was going to to have cute envelopes!

At the top is a spot to write the category.
The middle is for jotting down where the money went, how much went and how much is left in your envelope.
At the bottom is a spot to write the amount per month for that category-that goes into the envelope at the beginning of the month.
Also a spot to write down your plan for any extra/leftover cash at the end of the month.

Wish me luck! And if you want to try it here is a pdf of the envelopes to download:

BIG TIP: make sure your printer setting is not scaling the pdf!! Have it on 'no scale' or 'none'.
I printed and glued a whole set till I realized they were too small =(