Make it Monday #169 Take Two

Vellum Overlays

I just watched this Papertrey Ink video and it was so awesome! 
I knew I had to make a scented popsicle!

The popsicle smells like 'Blastin' Berry Cherry' - too fun!
You almost want to lick it =)
I also found a more transparent piece of vellum than my last vellum experiment and texture embossed it.

Hmmm...what can I make scented next!


Make It Monday #169

Vellum Overlays

Vellum I'll be honest not my favorite material, but to break outside of your norm is a good thing.
So I thought I would try the de-embossing technique on vellum.

 It worked, not as well as I would have hoped =(  There are popsicles all over my vellum overlay but it's hard to get a picture of them! I then stamped right onto the vellum and embossed with a clear sparkle...also hard to get a picture of =)

I tried again. This time making the sparkly popsicle a 3D element instead.
I was inspired by the use of washi tape and string in the example! I hope to remember that and use it more.

And here are my cute card making buddies with their creations =)

Papertrey June Blog Hop Challenge

Papertrey Ink provided us with this inspiring picture:

photo credit: Land of Nod

Here's what I made inspired by the carpet:

I also couldn't take my eyes off of the 'bubble' bed frames! So I tried using that shape in a card:

Here's one more with the 'bubble' shape and then lines inspired by the bedding:

Thank you for the fun challenge!
I'm excited to see what all the other talented ladies came up with!!

Disclaimer: I am new to Papertrey Ink. I used what few products I own, but also had to use other supplies. I hope that's ok =)


Make it Monday #169

Papertrey Ink's Make it Monday Challenge Take Two

Chalk, stamp, and impression plate technique:

Thanks to the beautiful inspiration of the ladies participating I wanted to try one more!
I guess I'm a stamping newbie in the sense that this may be the most layers of stampings and colors I've done on a card. Now I need more ink colors - hahah =)

It would be fun to make a set of these cards that came with a set of ovals that had different sentiments on them. Then your friend could choose the desired sentiments and slide it in! If I only didn't have to go start dinner...


Make it Monday #169

Papertrey Ink's Make it Monday Challenge

Chalk, stamp, and impression plate technique:

I didn't know if I could pull this technique off. It took a few tries, but I liked this cards end result. I even got the try the 'loops of string' that I've been seeing and wanting to try =)

Thanks for the challenge!

Neon Popsicles!

What says summer more than sparkly neon popsicles?

Playing with Popsicles

 What's the best Popsicle flavor? 
A fudgesicle!:

Ruffles + a popsicle = sweetness:  

Patriotic Popsicles

Made with my new Popsicle stamp set!