Make it Monday #174

Diamond Wallpaper Stamping

Once again I don't think I ever would have tried this with out the Make it Monday Inspiration! That's why I enjoy 'Make it Mondays' so much and then you get to see lots of wonderful creations by fellow card makers!

My first wallpaper wasn't quit diamonds, my second try I dropped the ink pad on it...oops. I respect all the beautiful backgrounds I've seen because stamping this much and not messing up is hard! Finally my third try I managed to make diamonds =) And I held my breath while adding the dots and sun bursts! haha

Even though my first try was not perfect diamonds I still liked it and had to make a card:

This was also my first Make it Monday that wasn't from the cute popsicle set... I'm loving my new sets! =)


  1. These cards are just adorable!! You did a wonderful job with this challenge. I am LOVING that set too.


  2. What bright and happy cards! I messed up my first attempts to make a diamond background, too. I love that you that you took your lemon, though, and made some some lemonade :-)

  3. Such cheery colors & great stamping! I'm glad someone else took more than 1 try--LOL! May salvage part of one piece, but most of mine are in the round file! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Hahha loved your round file comment =) I've got a few in there this week too.

  4. I love the colors you chose for both cards! So bright and fresh and I love your subtle background. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog :)