Make it Monday #175

Whew what a title =) But go see the amazing card in the video!

Do you ever have a card that you have to fight to get together? ugg this one took me a while. I think one challenge was I wanted to use the cute phone and a yellow swirl shape...but the phone die is way too small of a die to make a border. So I went with my frame it die and tried to piece together the rest.

Partial cut frame borderish thing to start =)

Well not my favorite. Maybe I'll like it tomorrow after I'm not sick of looking at it - hahah
Making and eating some chocolate chip cookies has helped a little!
Conclusion...I need some more dies to choose from =)


  1. I love the gray and yellow, and the loops are super cute with the phone theme! Glad you could play along!

  2. What a fabulous use for the frame die. It is a gorgeous card and you will believe it when you see it with fresh eyes! Chocolate also makes everything better. lol

  3. I just love these colors and the frame edged border! Great idea and theme!

  4. Great color combo & totally love the loops with the phone! :) super fun!!