SAF 2014: Morning Timer Challenge

Happy mid morning from Idaho!

I got the gifts wrapped (birthday preparations to do today) so I allowed my self to make a card
I wish I would have started at 5 am! But after an hour of 'labor' pains last night (thankfully they quit) - I slept in =) I'm sure my hubby wouldn't have enjoyed my 'jiggy' music at 5 am either. And boy did I need that music to pump me up.

Wow some of you ladies can do amazing things in 20 minuets!!! I am a S..L..O..W crafter. This was a challenge, but so fun!

I had 3 of the 5 colors in the first color scheme so went with them and grabbed my stripes from 'Simply Framed' and 'thank you' from 'Desktop Design' !

This was really my second card in the 20 minuets...in the first one the stripes ended up too close to the bottom so I started over and managed to finish with one minuet to spare! Phew!!

Ok off to stir homemade ice cream custard and watch the Rome videos!

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