Make it Monday #179 and more 'craft' money

Backgrounds with Embossing Paste

This MIM challenge looked so fun!! And Laura's card was amazing! But I had to order embossing paste... 

P.S. So my 'craft' budget was a little low for this month already, how was I going to order my much 'needed' embossing paste? Ebates! Have you tried it? When you order things online (from Amazon, Target, Michaels, half.com, ebay and many more) you get a % of the money back. I got my money back just in time to order embossing paste and sequins =) haha. If you need a little extra craft money go try Ebates!

But sadly it is not coming fast enough!! Then I read you can make your own embossing paste! I watched a few videos then mixed baby powder, paint, and elmers glue. The texture seems a little more smooth, but it worked! and I tried lots of experiments:

Plain white, mixed with All Spice, colored with food coloring gel, glitter on wet, and embossing powder on wet!
The only bummer was my paper did warp...I must have made it too wet. Does the store bought kind warp your paper?

I've only had time to make one card from my experiments so far: 

It was messy! But I the texture is so fun! I'm excited to see how the embossing paste I ordered works and to make a few more cards with this technique =)

Have a great day!


  1. Gotta say, I love the white bg! so artsy. Everything seems to warp when wet. My experience anyway. Your r/w twine is perfect as the color pop!

    1. Oh thank you!! There are so many beautiful colored backgrounds, but oddly I was most excited to try white on white 😉

  2. I love this! The texture is fab & your design really pops!
    My paper didn't seem to warp with the paste- and I even used spray & alcohol inks to color.... Your card doesn't look warped at all! :)

  3. This is just so fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say HELLO! I just wanted to let you know that I was not able to come to your blog by clicking on the reply you left, so I came back to PTI to find you, thinking you might have found me at this place too!

    1. I just found PTI this summer and it has been addicting and so much fun! Thanks for hunting me down to say hi!