Make It Monday #169

Vellum Overlays

Vellum I'll be honest not my favorite material, but to break outside of your norm is a good thing.
So I thought I would try the de-embossing technique on vellum.

 It worked, not as well as I would have hoped =(  There are popsicles all over my vellum overlay but it's hard to get a picture of them! I then stamped right onto the vellum and embossed with a clear sparkle...also hard to get a picture of =)

I tried again. This time making the sparkly popsicle a 3D element instead.
I was inspired by the use of washi tape and string in the example! I hope to remember that and use it more.

And here are my cute card making buddies with their creations =)


  1. Those faces make me smile!! so happy for you! and love your card! The idea to deboss on your vellum is brilliant!


  2. What an awesome technique! I love it! So glad you gave it a try!